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Founded in 1998, Qingdao Xinyutian Chemical Co., Ltd., a private company owned by Mr. Ruzhou Wu with 100% ownership, specializes in research, development, manufacture and sale of polyurethane products. It has a registered capital of 5.07 million dollars, an annual productivity of 250,000 tons of polyurethane products. Its middle-level leaders with college degree or above and the average age of 35 years are a closely cooperative and vigorous team. The company is located in north Licang District, Qingdao City where chemical enterprises spread closely, adjacent to ports, railways, highways and airports.
The company established the philosophy that technology is the motive power for enterprise development at the beginning of its establishment. So, it has been given priority to technology innovation and development of new products from its starting stage when inviting highly skilled talents to afterward setting up its independent lab building, R&D center, talent training plan and product research system.
Besides the integrated development principles of industry leading trade and trade promoting industry as well as the development mode of integration of industry and trade, the company’s business strategy also includes “Technology Innovation and Research and Development of New Products are Basic Motive Power for Enterprise Development”. Its enterprise culture is summarized with the simple words: Behaving, Acting, Communicating and Understanding, which is internal guarantee of its highly effective operation and at the same time the guide of employees dealing with relations.
By virtue of its scientific development strategy and concerted effort of all people, the company has enhanced its R&D ability of high-end products and quickly improved economic indexes. It has formed complete polyurethane product systems such as shoe sole polyurethane, synthetic leather polyurethane, polyurethane combination material, polyatomic alcohol, polyurethane elastomers, etc., with relevant complete enterprise standard for each system products. Moreover, many products of the company have been listed as “Qingdao Technology Innovation Key Projects” (including “Loubidu” strengthening product), of which three products of artificial leather size passed appraisement of science and technology achievements and reached domestic advanced level. In 2009, its scientific research institute got qualification of Qingdao Enterprise Technology Center.
Till 2007, the company has developed from a small-size company with an annual sales of several millions to a group hi-tech enterprise which brings about an annual sales of 1 billion yuan and realizes profit of 34 million yuan and taxes of more than 37 million yuan. The company has been awarded “Hi-tech Enterprise”, “Shandong Top Ten Technology Innovation Enterprises”, “China’s Polyurethane Association Unit”, “Key Leading Economic Enterprise”, “AAA Creditable Tax Payment Unit”, “AAA Bank Credit Unit”, “Labor Guarantee A-class Credit Enterprise”, “State Private Enterprise with the Best Reputation”, “China Top 500 Chemical Enterprises”, “China Top Ten Famous Polyurenthane Brands”, and “China Top 100 Competitive Chemical Enterprises”.
Like enterprise development, industry development must be dependent on timely and correct information. So, the company has set up polyurethane professional publication and network company to collect classified information, analyze and predict variation trends of the upper and lower streams, and hold trends of the related industries which makes it optimize distribution of resources in the environment of the clear information and provides strong information support for its long stable benign development.

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