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PU Tire-filling Material Has Been Developed By Qingdao Xinyutian

Date:2011年2月23日 22:20
Are you still bothered with flat tires on the rough terrain worksites? Do you desire to own a kind of tires that not only combine the performance of air-filling tires and the durability of solid tires, but also never go flat! Then why don't you use the polyurethane tire-filling material that once be pumped into the air-filling tires, you can save a lot of time and money that spent on the tire-repairing and you need not to worry about delaying your work because of a flat tire. Except for the tire-flatproofing character, tires filled with our materials also have characters such as absorbing the shock, resisting the heat build-up, a longer lasting time, wider footprint and enhancing the bearing capacity. Application: Tires used in mining machines, excavators, wheeled cranes, forklifts, shovel loaders, trailers, pork machines, battery trucks, agricultural machinery such as lawn machines and harvesters, military vehicle such as artillery prime movers, wheeled chariots and other low speed vehicles.

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