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Mine filling material CM-21

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1. Introduction

Mine filling material "leakage must plug CM-21" is a kind of polymer filling and plugging foam with high bearing capacity. It is prepared by reaction of component A and component B at 4:1 volume ratio.

After the mixture of component A and component B, rapid foaming forming, small flow, rapid expansion to more than 25 times the original volume, hardening in A few minutes. The cured material has great toughness and deformation, good overall bearing capacity, suitable for filling and sealing occasions requiring high mechanical strength, with good air isolation and flexibility, neither combustion nor delayed combustion.

2. Typical applications

♦ Permanent sealing within a certain pressure range

♦ Goaf filling

♦ Quick removal of harmful gas in the well

♦ Gas drainage lane, high drilling field filling and sealing

♦ Build enclosed walls and firewalls in a certain area

♦ Upper and lower corners of working face are closed

3. Storage/packaging and precautions

1) Component A and component B must be stored in A sealed container in A dry and cool place, away from heat sources and strictly prevent exposure to the sun.

2) Component A 24kg/ barrel. At room temperature, the warranty is 3 months.

3) 29kg/ barrel for component B, warranty period is 12 months at room temperature.

4) Component A and component B are hygroscopic. They must therefore be stored in sealed containers that are insulated from moisture. Do everything possible to avoid dampness during operation.

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