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Mine reinforcement material CM-15

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1. Introduction

     Mining reinforcement material "Gu 'ant CM-15" is a new type of silicate modified polymer material for coal mine, which has the function of bonding and strengthening. It is prepared by reaction of component A and component B at 1:1 volume ratio. After component A and component B are injected into the stratum by grouting device, they react quickly and realize the reinforcement of broken rock mass and the sealing of cracks.

     Silicate modified polyurethane polymer materials for strengthening coal and rock mass have strong adhesive force and can be quickly bonded and sealed. Not affected by water, no volume expansion, can be used in dry or wet environment, suitable for sealing water-bearing cracks.

2. Material use

Advance reinforcement of roadway roof in soft coal seam;

♦ Roof roof reinforcement of working face coal wall;

♦ Full length anchoring of bolt and cable;

Water-bearing crack plugging;

♦ Roadway broken roof and wall reinforcement, small coal pillar reinforcement;

♦ Advance reinforcement of fault, fracture zone and collapse column.

3. Storage, packaging and precautions

1) Component A and component B must be stored in A sealed container in A dry and cool place, away from heat sources and strictly prevent exposure to the sun.

2) The warranty period of component A is 6 months at room temperature of 28kg/barrel.

3) Component B is 22kg/barrel, with a warranty period of 6 months at room temperature.

4) Component B is hygroscopic and must be stored in an airtight container insulated from moisture. Avoid mixing moisture during operation.

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